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New Poetry Book available now!             "Bird Talk "

Bird Talk title.png

This booklet of 26 poems was composed after studying local wildlife over the past few years. It was written from the point of view of the bird and the relationship with ourselves, generously  illustrated with pen drawings. Use Contact page to email and to order one. 

£12  including postage

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Evening Dove 2 (2).JPG

Pheasant Dreams 

Golden pheasant Dreams

My work contains colourful paintings in oils and acrylic that connect with the living flora and fauna. I like to play with these elements so that there is a dreamlike quality, allowing for a playfulness and sense of movement. Even still life is rarely static, so I like the idea of capturing moments that have transient significance. 

acrylic painting bird

Heading 1

Heading 1

Painting  in acrylic Bird

Evening Dove

Still Life acrylic painting flowers
Still Life painting gherbera
Still Life
in oil and acrylic

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Painting fish
Still life pears
Anemones and Avocado
Gherbera with Birds

Three Pears        

Seabass and Lemon

painting still life yellow pot
Painting Pink Poppy field

On the Move

Ipsden Poppies

Still Life painting shell window
Shell near the Window

Blue Thistle

Painting Orchid Window

Open Window                sold

On the Move

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