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Bird Talk .......29 poems to give us joy and to celebrate our British birdlife.

Get my latest poetry book coming out very shortly. Use contact page to order with name and address and mobile (to give you bank details). Cost: £10 to cover postage.

All pictures created by myself having seen them.

A lovely present for those that love to see birds!

The cover picture features three birds found sitting in a field nearby on a hot sunny day during lockdown. Friends for the afternoon.

The poems are written in first person either from the view of the bird - if birds could talk our language or from myself observing. Most of them were written during lockdown when there was plenty of time for communication, albeit hidden out of sight, but usually having offered food to encourage them near. Then there were our walks along the riverbanks around Henley on Thames. I would try the Merlin App on my phone to identify those I couldn't see but only hear.

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